Business Advice

One of the largest challenges to growing a business is for the directors to have the time, energy, resource and commitment to make the step changes required. This is especially true in small and medium sized organisations where all the strategic decisions and actions may be taken solely by the founder themselves. Where there is more than one decision maker, gaining agreement in strategic direction can prove just as challenging.

It is therefore essential for any decision maker in this situation to gain advice from individuals who have experienced first-hand the challenges of making such a step change.

The Cotswold Partnership has access to over 40 coaches who have this level of experience. Many will have owned their own businesses, and as such will not bombard you with theory, but use their own experience to create a better understanding of how to achieve the growth you desire, and avoid the pitfalls that are inherent in having such aspirations.

We also believe in true partnerships and Will only accept assignments with businesses that have the true potential to achieve the growth desired, and where our advice and support will make a difference. As such, our initial 'assessment' meeting with any potential client is free of charge.

For more details on ‘How to gain the most from a consultant’, please read the attached document, written by The Cotswold Partnerships founder, Richard Hirst.